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Clients and therapist testimonial


Master Kochi has a straordinal technique.He has completelytreated my pain on the shoulder which other clinics and hospital have not treated.I advise you to get Kochi Method’s treatment!

Case 2

Having a pain on the neck, the patient cannot look away.The patient has numbness on the arm.

Case 3

Bending oneself forward, the patient has pain on low-back.

Case 4

Having a pain on low-back, the patient cannot turn the body.


Case 6

I go to see Master Kochi, using 3 hours (one way) by air.The condition of my foot’s numbness becomes dramatically better.By the treatment of Master Kochi, my body’s condition is better than begofore, and I have returned to work.Maser Kochi has saved me and changed my life for the better.

Case 7

(Comments about the treatments of Kochie Method; written on boards)On day, my body felt heavy and alien. But now, my body feels strong and better than before.I would like to get treatment of Master Kochi once more.

《Commendation from persons in the same profession》


I have laerned a lot of techniques from Master Kochi.In Japan, there are many operators that have learned

techniques from him.He works with a conviction for saving all of patients that suffer from the pain.I respect him as a person, too.


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Treatment of Pain with Naoya Kochi