Treatment of Pain with Naoya Kochi

Kochi will visit your area for the treatment.

Treatment of Pain






Hearing + Treatment


30~45 min 120$ 

or 100 €








Symptoms that are possible to respond to:


Neck pain,

Numbness in the arms,

Frozen shoulder,

Back pain,

Lower back pain, Sciatica,

Numbness in the legs, Knee pain

For others please consult.



The flow from application to treatment


1.Please send after filling the application form



2.Please fill in the condition of your body in detail



3.After checking schedule discuss the day



4.Deciding the content of the treatment



5.Payment via PayPal or Credit 



6.Confirming application



Kochi's treatment start!


Message from Naoya Kochi

For you 

How are you?

I am Kochi a Japanese Therapist and I teach a treatment method that relieves muscles of numbness and pain in a short time to Therapists around the World.

Are you having trouble with a body condition?I have begun taking treatment requests as of September 2017.

I will head to your area for treatment.Are you having any problems with your body?

Is mental stress causing any negative effects on your body?

Would you consider consulting me?I shall utilize Kochi Method which is renown by many Clients and Therapists around the World to improve your body condition.




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Treatment of Pain with Naoya Kochi